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Choose to not fuse: Advancements in spinal surgery

The spinal column (backbone or the spine) forms the structural core of the body. The spinal column comprises of the vertebrae: the hierarchy of 33 bones on top of each other. The spinal column supports the entire body. Any injury to the spinal column can severely restrict mobility or movement.

The spinal column is a biological wonder as it has the stability and strength to support the human weight of 100 kg or more and yet be sufficiently flexible to enable nearly 180 degrees of movement.

Among stability and flexibility, spinal stability loss has more severe effects as it directly impacts the neural structures. This priority rules the management of spinal disorders. Surgeons surrender some spinal flexibility in the patient in exchange for more stability. Such compromise gives temporary relief but at a cost: damage to adjacent regions of the spine, a medical condition called “Adjacent Segment Disease”.

Recent surgical developments such as dynamic interspinous stabilizers, disc replacement prosthesis, and dynamic pedicle screws, have given surgeons the ideal situation of stabilizing the damaged spine without sacrificing its flexibility.

Such surgical techniques preserve the mobility of the affected spinal segment and also reduce stress on the adjacent regions. This greatly diminishes the risk of Adjacent Segment Disease.

The crucial importance of a stable and flexible spine cannot be over-emphasized. At Narayana Health, Orthopedic surgeons specializing in spinal disorders perform various dynamic spine stabilizations. This surgical expertise and experience ensure patients benefit from “Fusion-less Spine Surgeries”.

Dr. Rajesh K Verma, Director of OrthopaedicsJoint Replacement & Spine Surgery, Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Gurugram

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