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Basic lifestyle changes can add to improved quality of life of an COPD patient

Respiratory distress is one of the major concerns of today’s healthcare. Considering the fact that including unhealthy lifestyle, environmental factors…

3 months ago

All you need to know about Occupational lung diseases

Since the idea of advancements and industrial development has taken pace the problem of occupational lung disease has also been…

3 months ago

Advanced treatment and healthy lifestyle made easy to deal with Asthma

Every new advancement has been adding to the development of the human race and its comfort but at the same…

3 months ago

दमा के कारण,उपचार और रोकथाम के तरीके

दमा, फेफड़ों से उत्तपन श्वसन अव्यवस्था की वजह से होता है । दमा सामान्य श्वास को प्रभावित करता है; दमा…

3 months ago

Diagnosis, Treatment, and Steps on How to Control Asthma Attacks

Asthma is a condition that results in the narrowing and swelling of the airways. Due to obstruction in the airways,…

4 months ago

How to Resist Smoking

Smoking is not only a leading cause of cancer but also responsible for nearly 8 million deaths worldwide every year,…

4 months ago