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Nasal Allergy in Children

Blocked nose, sneezing, watering from the nose and a heavy head are symptoms that a child has,  when a foreign…

3 weeks ago

Hearing Loss in Children

Treating hearing loss: A primer (#my child can’t hear #my child can’t speak #audiometry #hearing aid #cochlear implant) Hearing loss…

2 months ago

Noisy Breathing In Children

My child has noisy breathing. What are the causes and treatments? Noisy breathing in children may be due to various…

3 months ago

Tonsils in Children

Tonsils and Adenoids (Lymphoid tissue) (T&A) are immunity making watchdogs in the throat - they make immune cells and chemicals…

3 months ago

Deafness is as much a challenge as blindness

Deafness is as much a challenge as blindness. Helen Keller, who was both blind and deaf said “'Blindness separates people from things;…

1 year ago