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Heat and Heart Health

Severe heat conditions and higher temperatures have been consistently noticeable globally since the beginning of summer. This unusually high temperature…

2 weeks ago

Different signs of Heart Attacks in men and women

85% of heart damage occurs in the first two hours following a heart attack. Such a damaged heart can leave…

2 months ago

TAVR/TAVI- The latest modality to treat severe symptomatic aortic stenosis

What is TAVR/TAVI? TAVR/ TAVI means transcatheter aortic valve replacement/ implantation. To understand it better we need to understand the…

2 months ago

Heart Bypass Surgery: Preparation, Procedure, Recovery, and More

Heart Bypass Surgery: Preparation, Procedure, Recovery, and More The important role of your heart is to pump blood to every…

3 months ago

Easy ways to keep our Heart Healthy during Winters

All of us adore the winter season. We enjoy hot snacks and sweets in the winter season. We also associate…

5 months ago

TAVI (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation)

Millions of patients with heart valve problems can now benefit without open-heart surgery The thought of an open-heart surgery makes…

6 months ago