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Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery or Key Hole Heart Surgery

Introduction Minimally invasive heart surgery (MICS) or commonly known as Keyhole heart surgery is the latest and most advanced form…

4 days ago

Everything about Heart Bypass Surgery

The important role of your heart is to pump blood to every cell of your body and the blood vessels…

3 months ago

Why you should not delay your impending heart surgery during this pandemic

Covid-19 has created general health concerns in India and around the world. The virus has imparted fear in patients who…

5 months ago


The most commonly asked question by patient and relatives and is also a most important one to explain and counsel…

7 months ago

लीमा-रीमा-वाई – बाईपास सर्जरी की गोल्ड स्टैंडर्ड तकनीक

देश में हर साल, हजारों मरीजों की बाईपास सर्जरी की जाती है। बाईपास सर्जरी में दिल को रक्त पहुंचाने वाली…

11 months ago

Total Arterial Revascularization using RIMA LIMA Y

Thousands of patients undergo a Bypass Surgery (CABG) in India every year. It is performed to bypass the blocked or…

11 months ago