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Is silence always golden? How important is to communicate the diagnosis to the child whose parent has cancer?

As I was sitting in my OPD last evening, a 45 yrs. old gentleman walked in, who had been waiting…

10 months ago

Awareness of Cervical Cancer

January is the month which is observed as Cervical Cancer Awareness Month globally by WHO. Cervical cancer is considered as…

11 months ago

All you need to know regarding diet for Cancer Patients

After a person is diagnosed with cancer, he/she tends to re-evaluate their lifestyle, diet and health practices. Many patients start…

11 months ago

FAQs Gastrointestinal Cancers

What are the most common types of gastrointestinal cancer? Gastrointestinal cancers are the most common cancers worldwide. As a whole…

11 months ago

Lifestyle and Cancer

Lifestyles choices that affect incidence of cancer in Indian context.  In any geographic region incidence of cancers changes as the…

11 months ago

Healthy lifestyle for cancer prevention

Numerous studies have shown that our way of life is the biggest cancer risk factor. According to the WHO, a…

11 months ago

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