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Care for Diabetic patient during COVID-19

Let’s take a look at Diabetes against the backdrop of COVID19 lockdown and understand the risk factors and precautionary measures.

If you are a diabetic patient, these tips will surely come in handy.

Ensure to follow a regular schedule, every day

Routine management and following proper meals, sleep and medication timing will help control your sugar levels.

Healthy and balanced diet.

A proper diet is vital in the management of diabetes. It will help in stabilizing the glucose level and enhance immunity. Prefer low GI index foods like vegetables, lentils and avoid fried foods and foods rich in fat, carbohydrates and sugar.

Keep an eye on your glucose levels.

Pay extra attention to your glucose levels and monitor it periodically. It will help prevent complications arising from high/low blood sugar level.

Keep sufficient stock of your diabetes medicine.

Keep at-least a months’ stock of diabetes medication you take.

Keep fit & exercise regularly.

Ensure to engage in regular physical activity. This can include 30 mins of mild stretching, bodyweight exercises and yoga on a daily basis.

Keep in touch with your doctor.

Ensure you are in touch with your doctor and GP in case of any complications or health issues.

And If you do show flu-like symptoms (raised temperature, cough, difficulty breathing), it is important to consult a doctor.

Dr. Subramanian Kannan | Consultant Endocrinology | Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center, Bommasandra, Bangalore

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