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Can I get a Heart Attack after Stenting?

With the internet flooding with information from all sides on all subjects, one may get confused about following one thing or one person. Cardiac stents have become common since cases of Coronary Heart Diseases (CHD) have come to rise. Many heart patients who have gone through stenting procedures have this doubt in their minds.

So, without a long post to read, let us come straight to the answer that is, yes. You can get a heart attack again even after you have undergone a cardiac stenting procedure. Let us see how this stenting thing works and what can you do to prevent heart attacks once after you have undergone stenting.

What is stenting and how it prevents heart attacks?

The need for a stent arises when arteries carrying blood towards your heart get blocked due to cholesterol depositions. The stents are metal mesh coils inserted in the narrowed arteries to smoothen the blood flow. These are usually deployed after a heart attack to smoothen the blood flow in the body. The stent also helps in keeping your artery open and prevent any blockages.

How can I get a heart attack even after stenting?

Stent procedure smoothens blood flow and keeps your artery open. But there are chances that you can get a heart attack even after stenting if you become careless with your lifestyle and do not practice a healthy lifestyle.

Stenting ensures that a particularly blocked artery remains open and blood flows through it regularly but if you follow a sedentary lifestyle, chances are high that you might block any other of your arteries and suffer a heart attack again.

Risks related to a heart attack after stenting:

Once a patient goes through a stenting procedure, he or she should be very cautious about their diet and lifestyle or else there are absolute chances that they may get a heart attack again. And the person who has already undergone a procedure is more vulnerable as compared to a healthy person and if they get a heart attack again, the consequences can be severe and might also lead to the death of the person.

Even if the person does not die, they might need to undergo another stent procedure which is again not a good choice. Stents are indeed useful for heart patients but cannot replace natural arteries. They are just makeshift arrangements made of metal or plastic in lieu of arteries. Therefore, it is not a recommended healthy choice to pile up your body with metal coils all over.

Also, if a stenting procedure goes wrong or the body of the patient refuses to accept it in the body, the person can face fatal consequences, and this might also lead to another cardiac arrest. Stents are just metal mesh that should be deployed in critical cases. One should keep in mind that stent just aids your ailing body but is not a replacement for your natural artery.

Precautions to prevent the heart attack after stenting:

After you have undergone a stenting procedure, you should not become care-free and let your lifestyle affect your health. A heart patient should be extremely cautious with his/her diet and by making some simple lifestyle changes, they can lead a normal life after stenting without suffering a heart attack.

  1. Good Compliance with drugs: After stenting doctors prescribe medicines that will help in preventing clot formation on the stent surface. This is especially true for the first 6 months after the procedure. So, one should not stop medicines or else stent can get occluded with clots and could be fatal.
  2. Maintaining cholesterol levels: This is the most important thing a heart patient should heed. Coronary heart diseases are mainly caused by an excessive quantity of cholesterol in the body resulting in the blockages of the artery. Therefore, managing your cholesterol levels can extremely help you to fight your disease and live a healthy life. You do not have to follow any strict diet regime or sacrifice good things in life, you just must make some healthy changes in your diet and monitor the intake of cholesterol in your body. That is all.
  3. Breathing right: While some may refuse to believe but breathing properly can cure 90% of the diseases in your body. The body automatically heals itself when an adequate amount of oxygen reaches to every part of the body. Practicing breathing exercises and pranayama’s can be highly beneficial for heart patients as they are a great exercise for the heart.
  4. Take a walk: Brisk walking for 20-30 minutes can also boost your chances to prevent heart attacks as it is the best and the easiest cardio activity. Even doctors recommend walking to be included in daily routine for heart patients recovering from a procedure.

Final Words:

The world does not come to an end if you suffer from any of the heart diseases, it is in our hands to heal our body at any point in time. Start focusing on the precautions and solutions and choose a healthy lifestyle for yourself. Stay happy and healthy!

Dr. Maheshwar Honnalli | Consultant – Cardiology – Adult | SDM Narayana Heart Centre, Dharwad

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