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Brain Tumour – Rising disease in India

Brain Tumour is a collection of abnormal cells in the brain. According to reports, brain tumours are on the rise in India, as there are nearly 28,000 cases reported annually and more than 24,000 people reportedly die due to brain tumours annually. A brain tumour is a type of cancer that occurs when abnormal cell growth occurs in the brain. The space inside our skull is limited, which can cause pressure on the brain and lead to life-threatening complications. The growth of these cells also damages the brain tissue itself.

Major Symptoms of brain tumour :

    • Vomiting,
    • Memory loss,
    • Blurred vision or double vision
    • Confusion
    • Seizures (especially in adults)
    • Changes in hearing, taste and smell.
    • Uncontrollable movements
    • Hand tremors
    • Loss of balance

They can also cause specific symptoms such as menstrual difficulties in women. If these symptoms are detected early, treatment can be administered through various methods including radiation therapy and minimally invasive Surgery and the overall recovery time is lessened by the postoperative care.

The Treatment of brain tumour may depend on many factors like

    • The type of tumour present in brain,
    • Size of tumour
    • The exact location of the tumour.

On the basis of the above surgery is one method which helps to remove the cancer tumour without causing any damage to the parts of brain.With surgery sometime many other treatments are required like chemotherapy ,radiation therapy & speech therapy.

In today’s time with technological expertise and experienced team brain tumour surgeries have become much smoother to do.

Dr. K.K. Bansal  Sr. Consultant  Neuro-surgery

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