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Successful Outcome of a Brain Aneurysm Clipping Surgery at NH Barasat

Mrs Archana Chandra,31year old female presented in Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Barasat with history of severe headache,vomting and loss of consciousness. On evaluation by CT head with CT Angiography it was found that she is suffering from Sub-Arachnoid Hemorrhage due to rupture ofAneurysm of one of the brain’s artery. Aneurysm of brain mostly a developmental anomaly leads to outpouching of part of an artery that sometimes rupture and leads to severe headache and loss of consciousness including coma.Sometimes first bleed may be life threatening. Main cause of mortality and morbidity of Brain Aneurysm is rerupture and Vasospasm. Principle mode of treatment of this life threatening disease is Microneurosurgical Clipping of this aneurysmal sac to isolate the sac from main arterial circulation and prevent rerupture of the sac.

So after thorough counselling of patient’s first degree relative about the condition of the patient,its outcome and prognosis, neurosurgical team lead by DR.S IQBAL SIDDIQUE AND DR. GOPAL ACHARIA proceeded for craniotomy surgery and microneurosurgical clipping of aneurysm. It was a lengthy, high risk and a very challenging procedure. This is one a kind of case that was operated for the first time at NH Barasat. Finally the procedure was successful with the clipping of the aneurysm.Post-operatively patient was closely monitored and managed in the ICU. Now she is stable, doing well with no complaints of headache and is ready for discharge.

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