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Benefits of Curry Leaves

Curry leaves or kadi patta are popular spices in India because of their distinguished taste and peculiar aroma. Curry leaves are leafage of the curry tree and are helpful in both therapeutic and culinary domains.

None of the Indian dishes is complete without curry leaves during cooking. We can add them to various dishes to enhance the flavor, including rice, curries, daals, upma, and many cuisines. Curry leaves are rich in vitamins and minerals, which help treat various gastric issues, hair and skin benefits, and aids in weight loss.

Health benefits

Their efficacious plant compounds and antioxidants provide curry leaves with an array of health benefits, such as:

  • Curry leaves are rich in many plant compounds, including linalool, myrcene, alpha-pinene, alpha-terpinene, caryophyllene, and murrayanol. Most of these compounds are potent antioxidants, which neutralize disease-causing free radicals. So, regular consumption of curry leaves protects us from oxidative disease, including heart diseases, age-related nervous system issues, diabetes, and kidney diseases.
  • Mahanimbine, an alkaloid, reduces high cholesterol and triglyceride levels (the most common cause of heart diseases). Thus, consuming curry leaves may be beneficial for our heart health.
  • Curry leaves are rich in many plant compounds that may have anticancer properties.
  • Curry leaves extract contains various brain-protecting antioxidants {glutathione peroxidase (GPx), superoxide dismutase (SOD), and glutathione reductase (GRD)}. They protect our brain from oxidative damage and neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and improve memory.
  • Curry leaves help treat many gastric issues, including constipation, dysentery, and diarrhea.
  • Curry leaves are rich in vitamin A, which is beneficial for our vision and prevent early-onset of cataract and age-related degeneration.
  • Curry leaves stimulate hair follicles, enhance healthy hair growth, and help deal with premature graying.
  • Daily consumption of curry leaves is highly effective in reducing blood glucose levels and preventing a sudden spike in blood sugar levels in our blood.
  • Curry leaves help relieve pain and have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects.

Curry leaves are versatile. We can add them to various dishes by sautéing them or leaves’ extract or savor them as chutneys. This flavoring spice enhances the taste of any food items and improves antioxidant defense in our body.


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