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Arthritis Symptoms – What are the Early Signs?

Arthritis Symptoms – What are the Early Signs?

It’s a fast and hyperactive world that we are living in today. Your lifestyle may demand you to be socially involved, often at the expense of your health. Arthritis is one such ailment that you may get for a disoriented lifestyle but can be brought under control by early detection, proper medical help, and discipline. So, let’s learn about the possible signs and symptoms that can help you identify and tackle Arthritis in the best possible way.

Arthritis – An Overview

What exactly is arthritis? It’s evident that you are already worried about it as there would be very few other reasons why you’d be browsing for information on it. So, what exactly is it? Well, it’s traditionally defined as an inflammation in your bone joints and rightly so! It’s mostly observed to be affecting people aged above 65 years but it’s not uncommon to find children and young adults affected by the same.

Although arthritis is an incurable condition, it can be kept in check with proper medical care and lifestyle changes. It varies in types and each type has a different remedy. Medical science has stated more than a hundred types of arthritis that can affect you in various ways, the most common of them being osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

The Common Symptoms – Early Signs of Identification

The causes of arthritis are mostly detected by common medical methods. However, the necessity of sooner than later applies here as well. So, let’s get through them. The most common symptoms of arthritis are frequent joint pains, swelling of the area, and stiffness, etc. It can be easily identified if you are having any one of those or all of those.

You may also experience an acute decrease in your range motion and some level of redness on the skin around the specific joint. You may also face slight feverish feelings and various types of acute diseases. Your red blood cell count may decrease and you may find ways to determine how to find the early signs of identification.

Now, with proper medical advice and consultation, all these symptoms can be identified in a proper time and place. This will allow you to ensure that you are protected by every possible way from these kinds of attacks. So, don’t worry about the consequences when prevention is so close at hand. Let’s now explore the causes that can lead you to suffer from Arthritis.

How do you Identify Whether you Have Arthritis?

Early identification is the key to implement proper medical solutions to any ailment and this is no different. The early signs of arthritis are easy to identify and if you are facing any of the following conditions in your body then you should seek proper medical help immediately:

  • Unusual fatigue is one of the common and early signs of arthritis, specifically RA, where you get tired easily and in a short period of time while doing something physically intensive like walking or running. This can happen months before you are actually diagnosed with arthritis. You may face acute depression along with severe tiredness.
  • Another significant early sign of Arthritis is morning stiffness. Though it usually doesn’t last long, it may increase over time indicating that your arthritis is getting worse. You may be suffering from inflammatory arthritis, typical of RA type arthritis if the stiffness lasts for a longer period of time.
  • Early signs of arthritis can also be identified if you are suffering from stiffness or pain in your bone joints. You can face this pain any time of the day regardless of you being active or not. The stiffness typically begins from your hand joints before spreading to the rest of the body, although it’s not usual to face this condition in multiple joints over a period of one or two days. You may also face pain in your fingers, wrists, knees, feet, ankles or shoulders.
  • If you face swelling and inflammation around your joints then it can also lead to acute arthritis. You may also face warmth in your joint areas along with the swelling.
  • Fever is another important red flag for you that you have arthritis. If you are suffering from fever along with inflammation and joint pain then it may be a serious case of RA.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have a proper idea of how to identify possible symptoms and early signs of arthritis, you should cross-check with your own health conditions and take proper medical consultation based on the same. Arthritis is not a curable condition but it can be effectively kept in check with proper medical guidance and assistance.

Every ailment found today is controllable with proper discipline and lifestyle changes. So, don’t worry and use this piece as a guide to identify your symptoms and take precautions accordingly!

Dr. Jayavardhan | Consultant – Orthopaedics | Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Mysore

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