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About Mental Health – importance, how can it be enhanced?

Mental health is a state of psychological well-being and should not be defined by mere absence of mental illness or disorder. It includes psychological well-being that ensures optimal functioning of an individual.
Mental health becomes a top priority as a nation develops and the role of citizens in nation-building increases. A developing nation places more psychological demands on the citizens (participation in activities like electing a leader, managing family, socializing, etc, other than daily chores and occupation). These demands are to be met by the psychological reserve of the individual. A perceived sense of balance between these demands and the psychological reserve is needed. Often these demands can overwhelm an individual and create stresses.
The role of these stresses and coping with them is often overlooked until a person decompensates and is unable to meet the demands of daily life. Identifying these stresses and pre-empting their effects has a crucial role in preventing mental disorders.
Also, there is a need to enhance mental health for optimal functioning of an individual. These are often pursued intensely by positive psychology. This becomes especially important in enhancing lives of every individual.
Dr. Ravikesh Tripathi- Clinical Psychologist, Mazumdar Shaw Medical Centre, Health City Bangalore
Dr. Vikram Singh Rawat  – Consultant – Psychiatrist, Mazumdar Shaw Medical Centre, Health City Bangalore
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