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A Case of Micro Neurosurgical Clipping of Brain Aneurysm

Dr S I Siddqui, Consultant Neurosurgeon at NH Barasat says, “Micro neurosurgical Clipping can permanently obliterate any accessible aneurysm of brain (preferably anterior circulation) with good outcome considering other favourable parameters”. Cited here is the case of a 31 year old female with the history of severe headache, vomiting and loss of consciousness who approached NH Barasat for consultation. On radiological evaluation she was found to be suffering from sub arachnoid haemorrhage. CT scan of head with CT Angiography revealed rupture of an aneurysm in an artery of brain.
Aneurysm of brain is mostly a developed anomaly due to pouching of part of an artery which sometimes gets ruptured and leads to severe headache and loss of consciousness sometimes even leading to coma. This bleeding at times can prove to be life threatening to the patient.
Main cause of mortality and morbidity of brain aneurysm is re-rupture and vasospasm and principal mode of treatment of this life threatening condition is Micro Neurosurgical Clipping of the aneurismal sac (to isolate the sac from main arterial circulation and prevent re-rupture of the sac).

The patient was suggested to undergo craniotomy and micro neurosurgical clipping of the aneurysm and the family was counselled on the outcome and prognosis of the procedure. The surgery took about 4-5 hours to complete and post-operation patient recovered well. At present she is leading a normal life with her family.

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