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The Diet that Matters!

We often find ourselves craving for something quick & tasty, like a burger or a pizza. Although it satisfies our taste buds, these fast foods are increasingly becoming the cause of major health problems in us. An unhealthy diet backed by a sedentary lifestyle has given rise to problems like obesity, diabetes, mellitus, hypertension, etc. causing a burden on the community and the country as a whole.

So, what does it take to be healthy?

It has been proved time & time again that a healthy lifestyle begins in the kitchen. To start with, steaming, stewing, boiling and oven cooking is the best way to consume food rather than frying everything in oil. Including a good amount of fruits & vegetables (3-4 servings) in your daily diet will not only boost the immune system but also detox the body from all the waste generated. An ideal meal should comprise of cereals, pulses, milk & meat products, fruits & vegetables, fat & sugar depending on calorie need. Refraining from consuming sodas, cold drinks, junk food can help in maintaining a healthy diet.

A healthy life is complimented by a healthy diet and a healthy exercise regime. Regular exercise helps the body build up muscle mass & retain body calcium, thus boosting the immune system, preventing cell/DNA mutations and preventing obesity-related diseases. Exercise has to go hand-in-hand with our food habits. Proper nutrition pre & post-exercise will help in gaining better results than just following one.

Mrs. Shabista Nasreen | Dietician | Narayana Superspeciality Hospital Guwahati

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