Monthly Archives: February 2019

Cervical Cancer is preventable and curable

While developed nations have almost won their battle against Cervical Cancer, developing nations like India are still lagging. According to a 2018 survey, it is the 3rd most common and 4th deadliest cancer ... read more

Bacteria is harmful for your kidneys too

  The advent of monsoons not only relieves from the blistering heat but also becomes the peak time for health issues to pop up. The sudden change in the temperature causes a reduction in the body’s ... read more

Brain Tumour: A basic guide

  What is a brain tumor? A brain tumor is a mass of abnormal cells in the brain. It can be benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). Tumors grow inside the skull and compress or invade vital ... read more

Are you stroke-aware?

Heatstroke is a medical condition occurring when body is subjected to overheating, which usually results from prolonged exposure to physical exertion in high temperatures. This serious form of heat injury ... read more

Looking closer at Diabetic Nephropathy

  Diabetic Nephropathy or Diabetic Kidney Disease is a serious condition which is caused by Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes. According to a report, 40% of the people suffering from diabetes eventually ... read more
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