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Dr. Ashley Lucien Joseph D’Cruz

MBBS, MS, MCh Senior Consultant

  • SpecialityPaediatric Liver Transplantation, Paediatrics Surgery, Kidney Transplant - Paediatric, Robotic Surgery

  • HospitalBangalore - Mazumdar Shaw Medical Center, Bommasandra, Bangalore - Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, HSR Layout


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Brief Profile

Dr. Ashley Lucien Joseph D’Cruz has completed his MCh Paediatric Surgery from PGIMER, Chandigarh. He is a highly experienced pediatric surgeon and is currently working as Senior Consultant Paediatric Surgery, Liver & Kidney transplant at Narayana Health City, Bangalore

Fields of Expertise

  • Reconstructive Urology
  • Kidney & Liver Transplantation


  • MBBS : St John’s Medical College Hospital, Bangalore
  • MS : Command Hospital Air Force Bangalore University, Bangalore
  • MCh: Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER) Chandigarh


Reading, painting, fishing and golf

Posts Held in the past

  • Medical Superintendent Professor & HOD: St. John’s medical College Hospital. Dept. of Padeiatric Surgery, SJMC & H, Bangalore, India.
  • Locum consultant Paediatric Surgeon & Urologist: Dept. of Padeiatric Surgery, St. James University Hospital & The General Infirmary at Leeds, Leeds Yrkshire, U.K
  • Professor & HOD: Department of Paediatric Surgery, SJMC&H, Bangalore, India.
  • Associate professor & HOD: Department of Paediatric Surgery, SJMC&H, Bangalore, India.
  • Senior registrar: Dept. of Padeiatric Surgery, St. James University Hospital & The General Infirmary at Leeds, Leeds Yrkshire, U.K
  • Assistance professor & HOD: Department of Paediatric Surgery, SJMC&H, Bangalore, India.
  • Assistance professor: Department of Paediatric Surgery, SJMC&H, Bangalore, India.
  • Senior registrar: Department of Paediatric Surgery Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh, India.
  • Clinical Tutor/Lecturer: Department of Paediatric Surgery, SJMC&H, Bangalore, India.
  • Registrar: Department of Cardiac & General Surgery, Church of South India Hospital, Bangalore, India.
  • Registrar (Post Graduate trainee): Department of General Surgery, Command Hospital, Air Force, Bangalore, India.
  • Senior House Officer & Casualty medical Officer: Department of Paediatric Surgery, SJMC&H and St. Martha’s, Bangalore, India.
  • Rotating Internship: SJMC&H and St. Martha’s, Bangalore, India.

Awards & Recognition

  • Isotope and the Child – Prof Ramadas Oration - 6th annual conference of the society of Nuclear medicine, southern chapter, Bangalore, Sept. 2000.
  • Vocational service award 2002 – 2003, Rotary international, Jayanagar, Bangalore.
  • Evolutions of neonatal surgeries in St. John's – The third Professor Alfred Mascraenhas Oration, Bangalore, June 2004.
  • Dr. M.S. Ramakrishnan Oration – IAPS, 9th Oct. 2014, Ooty
  • 6th Cavalier Dr G. K Devarajalu Endowment Oration, 9th Feb 2020 - Coimbatore

Professional Memberships & Certifications

  • Karnataka Medical Council
  • Indian association of Paediatric surgeons
  • Research society SJMC & H and Bangalore
  • Asian society of Paediatric Urology
  • Indian society of gastroenterology
  • Association of surgeons of India
  • State chapter and surgical society of Bangalore
  • The Bangalore gastroenterology group
  • The British association of Endoscopic surgery



Experimental Research:
{Sponsored by Research Society, SJMCH)

  • Autologous Vein Graft to bridge Com mon bile duct defects in dogs
  • Techniques in Microvascular Anastomosis
  • Segmental and whole liver transplantation in dogs - acute experiments
  • Standardization of normal values of serum potassium in infants and newborns

Clinical Research and thesis:

  • Highly Selective Vagotomy: its changing role in the treatment of acid peptic diseases
  • Highly Selective Vagotomy in the treatment of uncomplicated duodenal ulcer - M.S. thesis, Bangalore University
  • Research Associate in Government of India project entitled ""Incidence of Congenital Anomalies in Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes 1985- 1987
  • Posterior Sagittal Anorectoplasty in the treatment of anorectal malformations. Posterior Sagittal Approach for lesions of the rectum and urogenital sinus.
  • Side-to-side Lieno-renal shunt versus Warren shunt in the treatment of extra hepatic portal hypertension in children. Distal spleno-renal shunt for bleeding gastric varices.
  • The use of inter-positional jejunal loop in reconstructive surgery after excision of choledochal cysts and after a Kasai procedure for biliary atresia.
  • Biliary Atresia -A prospective trial of extended portal dissection and Roux-en-Y portocnterostomy. Biliary atresia - Nutritional supplementation.
  • Management of antenatally diagnosed PUJ obstruction
  • Prospective study of posterior urethral valves in children.
  • Neonatal Surgical Audit.
  • Reversed Gastric Tube for esophageal substitution in children.
  • Single stage onlay urethroplasty in the management of proximal hypospadias.
  • Histochemical study of Hirschsprung's disease.
  • Effectiveness of a newly devised flow chart vs the existing documentation system in the post-operative care of children of PSICU of SJMCH. Ms T N Lakshmi Devi July 2000 (MSc Nursing degree).
  • Effectiveness of Heparin vs saline flush for intermittent peripheral venous access in children admitted to the Paediatric wards of St John's Medical College Hospital. Ms Regi Thomas (in preparation towards award of MSc Nursing degree)
  • Central / long term vascular access in children - a prospective study.
  • Hydrocephalus and spina bifida follow up clinic.
  • Paediatric Nephro- Urology follow up clinic.
  • Effect of a structured pre-op programme on the post op recovery of children.
  • Obstructive Cholangiopathy in infancy and children. Lakshmikanth CN. 1998, Bangalore University. (MS Surgery Degree)."


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Key Procedures Performed

  • Reconstructive paediatric urology
  • Liver and kidney transplants

Languages Spoken

English, Hindi,Tamil, Kannada,Telugu