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Dr. Mohd Maqbool Sohil.

MD, DM(Cardiology), FSCAI Consultant

  • SpecialityCardiology - Adult

  • HospitalAhmedabad - Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Ahmedabad


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Post held in past

  • MD : P.G.I., Chandigarh
  • DM Cardiology : SKIMS, Jammu and Kashmir

Fields of Expertise

  • Expert in Radial interventions.
  • High Volume Operator for Coronary and Peripheral Angiographies, Coronary & Non-Coronary Interventions, and Cardiac Cath studies.
    o Pacemaker implantation, Balloon Valvotomies.
    o Perform both single and dual chamber pacemaker and AICD implantation.
  • CHIP_CTO Interventions.
  • Bifurcation Interventions.
  • Rotational Atherectomy.
  • Calcified Coronary Artery Interventions.
  • Intravascular Lithotripsy for Calcified Lesions.
  • Interventions through Dorsal Radial Artery.
  • Peripheral Angiographies and Angioplasties, including complex and Peripheral CTOS.
  • Carotid and Aortic Interventions.
  • Intravascular Imaging (IVUS & OCT).
  • Cardiac Interventions for Structural Heart Diseases and Aorta.
  • PDA, ASD & VSD Device closures.


  • Imran Hafeez, Mohd. Maqbool Sohil, Ajaz Lone, Amit Gupta, Khurshid Iqbal, Khursheed Aslam, Mohd. S. Alai, and Shamim Iqbal. “Low Voltage Electric Injury Induced Atrial Fibrillation as a Presenting Feature of Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome:” A Case Report: Oman Medical Journal (2013) Vol. 28, No. 6. DOI 10. 5001/omj. 2013.130.
  • Imran Hafeez, Amit Gupta, Shamim Iqbal, Khurshid iqbal, Khursheed Slam, Mohd. S. Alai, Ajaz Lone, Mohd. Maqbool Sohil, Irfan Ahmad. “Right pulmonary artery to left atrial fistula. A rare case of congenital heart disease:” Journal of Indian College of Cardiology. Received 28 August 2012, Accepted 26 March 2013, Available online, 2 April 2013.

Key Procedures Performed

  • Performed more than 10,000 interventional procedures.
  • Performed more than 3000 angioplasties including more than 600 primary angioplasties.
  • Performs more than 90% of his procedures using the radial artery route.
  • Performs complex coronary interventions including bifurcation lesions,left main interventions,CTOS and Cardiac Shock.
  • Performs Devices Closures (PDA+ASD).


  • Complex coronary Interventions
  • Rotational Atherectomy
  • Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL)
  • Intravascular Ultrasonography (ivus)
  • CTO interventions
  • Chip Interventions
  • Peripheral Vascular interventions
  • Device Closure (ASD, PDA, VSD)
  • Pacemaker Implantation ( Dual Chamber, AICD, CRT )