Udayer Pathe

We at Narayana Health feel that, it is important to develop a cachet of qualified medical graduates for the future, which will help India administer its healthcare system more effectively for the common man.

We believe children from rural India aspire and have the zeal to be successful heart surgeons, neurosurgeons and other specialized medical professionals in fields that require more commitment and dedication. We also feel that these children can be motivated to use their training in improving health care systems in their villages and small towns.

In rural West Bengal, Narayana Health and AHF (Asia Heart Foundation) have started a scholarship of 500 rupees per month for children interested in becoming doctors & medical professionals. This scholarship incentivizes parents to not to drag the children out of the school, to work in the fields.

The virtue is to have these children join the medical colleges by merit and Narayana Health shall facilitate for the bank loan for them. Student loans will make all the medical Udayer Pathe colleges financially viable for the students including a source of income for the government hospitals.

Through this format we have commenced a scholarship exam for students from class VI to class VII. Out of these the students getting the required percentage of marks and willing to take up medicine after class XII will be selected for a scholarship of Rs.500 per month upto class XII.

The 1st batch of Udayer Pathey started in the year 2007 with 159 students and presently we have 305 students under the scheme. A monthly scholarship of Rs. 500/- is provided to the students who have qualified in the Udayer Pathey scholarship examination.

From the year 2010, we have modified the scheme so that we could offer support to those students who had passed class Xth and required financial assistance for the two-year scholarship to prepare for Joint Entrance Exam in the field of medicine (students selected were 6), as well as those students who had ranked high in the West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam of medicine and required financial assistance to accomplish their dream of becoming a doctor. (Students selected were 6) In the year 2011 - 2012 we had selected 7 students in each category. In the year 2013, we increased the number of selected candidates in the second category to 9 and in the first category selected candidates were 6 who would be paid a scholarship of Rs 5000.

Through this format we hope to be able to achieve our aim of supporting the students who are motivated to study medicine (MBBS) on a merit as well as means basis.