Telemedicine is the use of information and communications technology to provide and support health care when distance separates the participants.

As it is known, that Telemedicine is not a technology, but an application of many aspects to delivery the health care from distance.

Why is Telemedicine important?

  • Fast medical response time
  • Specialty care availability can be critical
  • Urban Rural Divide
  • Undue Expenses due to travel, stay and Expensive services
  • Timely care & Intervention, Diagnostics & Follow Up

At Narayana Health, Telemedicine took to functioning in 2001, with - ISRO empowering the connectivity and we now - have 130 centres across the globe connected. The program includes:

  • Teleconsultation- there are 130 centres out of which 63 are in Pan Africa
  • CME Programs
  • Transtelephonic ECG Networks- connects 660 centres across the globe. 54,000 patients have been treated through this program and more than 5 Lac ECGs seen till date.

On an average, 450-500 ECGs are seen per day

Telemedicine Program:

At Narayana Health we are making care accessible to rural centres and villages that are connected to the hospital and below are few excerpts

  • Pioneered the concept of telemedicine in India
  • Amongst the largest free telemedicine networks in the world
  • 850+ tele ECG network centres
  • 150 connected Telemedicine centres
  • 54,000 cardiac patients treated free
  • 10,000 patients treated in various CCUs
  • 63 locations in Africa, 10 location at abroad