Railway Clinics

Started on ­1st of July 2011 in collaboration with the Southern Railways, the Railway Clinics offer free basic health services primarily to the railway passengers Emergency Medical Centre. These outpatient centres provide medical help and medicines to the travellers.

These clinics also serve as Trans telephonic ECG networking platforms. Operating in conjunction with a larger medical centre in the area, the ECG platforms are connected to the telemedicine units and provide reports within a few minutes. This timely symptomatic analysis helps in referring patients to the right medical care.

Narayana Health has tied up with Indian Railways to set up clinics in various railway stations in Karnataka, to address medical emergencies that occur at the station free of cost. Karnataka Government helps by providing an ambulance on standby for any of these emergency needs. There are two such clinics so far- one at the central station and the other at the cantonment area (Jan 23, 2014) and serves 20-30 patients a day. They are open 6 a.m - 10 p.m every day with doctors being available 24 * 7, all year around.