For a patient to plan a visit to India for medical treatment purposes, we recommend you to follow these simple steps to ensure a hassle free process. To begin with we identify a coordinator who is assigned to you, from the time you land in India and during the entire stay. In fact the patient coordinator's work begins way before you land in India.

Medical Reports
Medical Opinion
The coordinator consults the treating/ referral doctor and takes medical opinion on
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment recommended
  • Stay required in hospital and for review
  • Estimated cost of treatment all inclusives
  • Post discharge care and visit for review in 6/12 months

If required, the hospital will arrange a video conference or tele conference with the treating doctor prior to arrival.
Patient Consent
Patient confirms that he / she will avail treatment at NH.
Visa Facilitation
Our dedicated team that facilitates international patient's visit sends Visa Facilitation Letter to the concerned Indian High Commission in the patient's native country. Followed by letter to the patient, his/her attendants close visa formalities.
Arrival Confirmation
Patient confirms arrival date and time to the International Patient's Coordinator. He then sends a letter confirming doctor's appointment, accommodation booking, etc.
Patient Welcome
Patient coordinator meets and greets the patient at the airport and escorts the patient either to the hospital or guest house.
Patient Admission
Patient arrives at the hospital and admission formalities are completed.
FRRO Assistance
The hospital arranges for registration of the patient with the local authority- Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO).
Treatment Plan
Patient undergoes initial evaluation, consults the treating doctor and is given a detailed plan of treatment.
Patient undergoes treatment / surgery.
Discharge Procedure
Patient settles the bills before being discharged and is either shifted to the guest house or escorted to the airport.
If required a follow up call / skype / video conferencing is arranged with the doctor who treated the patient.