Sahyadri Narayana Multispeciality Hospital

Sahyadri Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Shimoga is a  tertiary care hospital in central Karnataka equipped with advanced technology and operation theatres dedicated for each speciality and supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure. This multispeciality hospital can handle all kinds of emergencies and complicated surgeries.

Specialities offered include Adult and Paediatric Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, Gastrointestinal Laparoscopic Surgery, Nephrology & Urology, Neurology & Neurosurgery, Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology apart from other clinical and allied services.

The ultramodern ICUs are exclusive for cardiology, paediatrics, neonatal and surgical. The ICUs are equipped with ventilators, defibrillators, hi-end monitoring systems with centralised gas supply. With advanced radiology and imaging facilities the hospital offers medical services with care and compassion to the people of central and north Karnataka.