Partnership Opportunities

1. Highest priority needs - direct funds to children and bread winners who need one of the following-

  • Cardiac Surgeries
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Dialysis
  • Cochlear Implants

Generous contributions are solicited from individuals. Your gift can make a difference- save a life or give to a child or bread winner of the family.

Two deaths every five minutes! That is how many kidney disease victims die in India - two lakh a year or roughly 547 everyday. The need of the hour is to have more and more kidney disease detection clinics and take steps to arrest the deaths due to kidney failure. Dialysis is a process for removing waste and excess water from the blood, and is used primarily as an artificial replacement for lost kidney function in people with renal failure. The risk factors for the increase of chronic patients include the high density of population, low income, varied food, culture and lifestyle. Patients with renal failure require dialysis 3 times a week for proper physical functioning. Due to lack of funds, some patients can only afford dialysis only once a week. Your contribution can help a bread winner get dialysis more often and lead a normal life.

Cochlear implants are intended to provide improved sound and speech perception to deaf children. Children who are deaf by birth can benefit from this very important implant, if provided before the age of four. It is a very time sensitive surgery, which if delayed can lead to permanent hearing loss, and consequently no speech development for these children. Your financial support can help these children hear and speak for the rest of their lives!

Cardiac malfunction can happen to anyone and at anytime. It could be in the form of heart failure, aneurysms and pulmonary embolisms, to name a few. With over 3 million deaths owing to cardiovascular diseases every year, India is set to be the 'heart disease capital of the world' in few years. It is estimated that by 2020 cardiovascular disease will be the cause of over 40 per cent deaths in India as compared to 24 per cent in 1990. Cardiac surgery could range from simple to complex but survival rate is phenomenal if done in time! Majority of cardiac patients (adults and children) cannot afford even a simple surgery- your contribution towards cardiac surgeries can give a gift of life to a child or bread winner of the family.

2. Corporate partnership- NH is looking for corporate partners to bring these programs to fruition.

  • Low cost surgical hospitals
  • Cancer centers
  • - Medical education

Low cost surgical hospitals- These are typically modeled as 300 bedded surgical hospitals located in Tier II and Tier III cities. They are built as a pre fabricated structure with minimum RCC construction. Keeping everything on one level hence reducing construction costs. These structures are built to maximize utilization of daylight.

Cancer centers- Cancer consumes 300,000 Indian lives on an annual basis. The cost of treatment consumes their livelihood. NH strives to provide affordable healthcare to the masses and hence the plan to build cancer centers across India. The locations include Kolkata, Jaipur, Raipur and Shimoga for now.

Med College and education- Owing to a severe shortage of doctors in India there is a poor doctor- patient ratio. NH plans to set up a medical education facility to operate on a non profit model at a 36 acre campus where a 300 bed hospital is already functional. The phased development will include undergraduate and post graduate medical education, nursing college, paramedical, vocational and technical training programs.