Care Companion

No one can take care of the patient better than his/her family member
- Dr. Devi Shetty.


The Care Companion Program was born out of a collaborative partnership between NH and the Stanford University School of Design’s course, "Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability."

The Care Companion Program (CC Program) was set up in direct response to the needs and to recognise patient family members as an untapped existing resource. The program harnesses patient attendant capabilities by creating a position for them within the current hospital personnel framework and, through a training and certification process, patient attendants become additional in-hospital care-providers, or Care Companions (CC).

The training program is designed to rapidly teach the diverse patient population, using interactive video training sessions, practical skills testing, and visual testing. By basing the course around practical and visual learning methods, NH provides family members with the skills they need, regardless of their literacy. After graduation from the program, they are allowed to perform the trained medical skills in the hospital, under the supervision of the nursing staff to build confidence. The benefits of this program are far reaching for the patient family.

By training, certifying and monitoring the success of family caregivers while in the hospital, the Care Companion Program helps Narayana Hrudayalaya send families back to their home with the highest continuity of care.

This program exists in Mysore and NH Health City, Bangalore and is slated to be rolled out at all the NH hospitals in the next couple years.